Taking the YouTube Plunge

Words/verbs such as YouTube, Facebook, and Blogging are online social activities that have become conventional wisdom in entrepreneurship/marketing circles. You can’t swing a dead cat without finding an article in the press or online that offers one or all of these (plus others like Digg, tweeter, etc.) as answers for increased growth for both large corporations and new ventures.

Our new company, FamilyFantasySports.com has been active on facebook for a bit and have gathered some successes that way. This week we posted our first video on YouTube (obviously, we are posting it other places, but YouTube still carries marketing power for our markets.).

We had been talking about it for a few months. We have two more coming, but this is our first effort. Let us know what you think. We hope it communicates what we are doing and also calls people to sign up for our free fantasy leagues designed for family play. BTW, sign up now for a free league and get a chance to win $25,000 for college expenses (yours or your kids).


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