MindFrenzy.com — Catching Off The Wall Ideas

Jared O’Toole has created MindFrenzy.com as an outlet for people’s ideas (especially college students) that may be embriotic or need some more feedback or just may be crazy. According to Jared,

MindFrenzy is a think tank geared towards those 2nd, 3rdand 4th ideas on your notepad. It aims to be a creative community where even the wackiest or out-of-the-box ideas can get feedback in a positive fashion. You never know when a comment will spark something that lets you see how to get that crazy idea and turn it into something more practical.”

In an email Jared said,

“I just graduated college and I wanted to start a site that would help encourage college students to go after their ideas. That’s the main motivation behind MindFrenzy because most ideas in college aren’t really developed yet and kids usually need some kind of positive push before they stray from that job search and try their own thing.”

I think that Jared is on to something — a community that offers some feedback, support, and resources to all the crazy ideas that come out of the minds of college students. The campus frontier environment supports this idea generation madness and there has to be a more productive way to sort through these ideas and share them.

We are looking forward to learning more about MindFrenzy.com.


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