U of Maryland Team Announced as Finalist in Global Security Challenge

There is some serious money at stake in the Global Security Challenge. From a recent press release out of the University of Maryland,

TRX Systems Inc., a company in the University of Maryland Technology Advancement Program (TAP) venture incubator and a leader in breakthrough technologies in first responder and rescuer indoor tracking, has been selected as a finalist in the Global Security Challenge (GSC) 2008 worldwide competition, university officials announce today.

TRX, founded by Gilmer Blankenship, professor and associate chairman of the A. James Clark School of Engineering’s department of electrical and computer engineering, was selected from among five American semifinalists. Six finalists from around the world will compete for a $500,000 grand prize at the London Business School on November 13, 2008.

Clearly there is some pretty serious technologies involved in this venture, but it underscores the incredible assets — from talent and competitions to incubators and administrative support — that can be found on many campus. As usual, it is up to the entrepreneur to put it all together.


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