WSJ Looks at Dorm Based Entrepreneurs

Raymund Flandez over at the Independent Street Blog looks at the results of’s 20 Best Dorm Based Businesses contest. More important than the finalists are the tips that Flandez offers for those thinking of launching their own firms from campus. Here are a few:

“3. Say ‘no’ to corporate work. Headlines of layoffs from big companies have turned off these youngsters to being a corporate employee. They’d rather make money their own way.

4. Be socially conscious. Contestants’ social responsibility is on the top of their business plans. Their mantra: You can’t succeed unless you help other people. Idealistic, maybe, but they’re building Web sites that help developing countries, creating a green electronics-recycling company and hosting ocean-conservation events at the Cape Cod National Seashore during the summer.”

One thought on “WSJ Looks at Dorm Based Entrepreneurs

  1. I completely agree with #3 & #4. I help run a college staffing company and have worked for large corporations, but feel that no one is looking out for me, so I’d rather look out for myself by working for a small businesses which is socially responsible.

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