Lewis Institute for Social Entrepreneurship Established @ Babson

Babson has been a leader in entrepreneurship education for a long time. Today, the school announced the establishment of the Lewis Institute for Social Entrepreneurship. The center was made possible with a $10.8 million donation from the Lewis Charitable Foundation. From Babson’s press release:

The Lewis Institute at Babson College will develop leaders, create knowledge, and grow new enterprises to solve compelling global problems. Using the skills, knowledge, and attitudes of the entrepreneur, the Lewis Institute at Babson College will address opportunities to create societal value in the areas of education, healthcare, communications and infrastructure, poverty, economic development, security, sustainability, energy, the environment, and quality of life.

The gift will support the study of social entrepreneurship through the establishment and support of efforts and projects in the following areas.


· Lewis Social Venture Seed Fund and Lewis Social Venture Hatchery to provide venture capital and resources for social ventures

· Green Collar Venture Competition to support ventures dedicated to environmentally sensitive undertakings

Academics and Research

· Social Entrepreneurship Monitor (SEM), a research consortium that will examine social entrepreneurship across the globe. SEM will be based on Babson’s Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), which examines entrepreneurship levels in more than 45 countries.

· An annual conference bringing together entrepreneurs, business and non-profit enterprises, educational institutions, social ventures, and governmental and quasi-governmental organizations to focus on emerging social entrepreneurship issues.

· The Alan and Harriet Lewis Endowed Chair in Social Entrepreneurship

· Case studies and curricular materials in social entrepreneurship


· Lewis Institute Social Entrepreneurship Student Initiative Award to support student projects

· Social entrepreneurship fellowships and internship

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