WaPo on Social Entrepreneurship: Love.Futbol

WaPo writer Ian Shapira has a nice piece on Millenials and social entrepreneurship. The article offers some statistics inferring that Millenials are more interested in social ventures than previous generations and highlights 25 year old Drew Chafetz of DC who launched a social venture called Love.Futbol.

The mission of Love.Futbol is to build soccer fields in impoverished parts of the world so that kids can play somewhere clean and safe. So far they have built three fields.

From the story:

Chafetz hatched the idea for love.fútbol in Morocco, on vacation during college, where he saw children in the central part of the country kicking a soccer ball in a dangerous alley. After graduation, he and a friend named Alfredo Axtmayer launched the project in Guatemala, where they had a well-connected friend. Chafetz said his well-off upbringing has spurred him on: So far, love.fútbol has helped build three fields, at a cost of $5,000 each in raw materials, in three rural communities. Chafetz and his team provide guidance and seed money, but each town volunteers labor to construct the fields. He hopes the model can be replicated in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa.

The venture has been supported largely by friends and members of District Sports, a recreational adult sports league; grants from organizations such as the J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation; and fundraisers at bars in Washington, Boston and New York.

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