Jitendra Parajuli’s Social Capital/Open Source PPT

One of the great parts of being in a PhD program is that it lets me interact with others studying some very interesting topics. It is great to share ideas and learn from those looking at different fields. Last month I attended the GMU SPPs Doctoral Workshop.

At each meeting three PhD students/candidates present research to an audience of faculty, peers, administrators, and guests. Its a good time and usually features some very interesting.

At the last meeting my friend Jitendra Parajuli presented some research on social capital and the open source movement. Great lit review and also an interesting and useful case on the development of Linux. Here is Jitendra’s presentation.

Think about the huge increase in applications that we are seeing — for Facebook/Myspace/Iphone, etc. This is all about open standards and programmers/companies joining open networks and building social capital, then turning it into commercial profits. Pretty interesting stuff I think.


4 thoughts on “Jitendra Parajuli’s Social Capital/Open Source PPT

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