Lawn Mowers & AD/HD Entrepreneurs?

Because I am 35 years old, I missed the ‘rise’ of ADD. When I was in school (elementary thru grad school) I didn’t know anyone who had been diagnosed and treated for ADD. Things have changed and it is commonplace now for kids and some young adults to take meds to control their ADD.

I came across an interesting article in Lawn & Landscape Magazine (its title reminded me of Horse and Hound so I had to click on the link) offering tips for “ADD Entrepreneurs”. Further searching found more information on ADD and entrepreneurship. The Attention Deficit Disorder Association has a page dedicated to entrepreneurs with ADD or AD/HD.

I don’t know if I have ADD or AD/HD, but I do know I get distracted easily and my mind runs in a lot of directions — ask anyone who knows me. Here are some of the tips from the lawn mower magazine.

2. Create a distraction-free environment. It is important to create an environment that is simple and soothing. Do not create a background with bright colors, pictures and decorations because this will easily distract your eye. On the other hand, avoid working in a blank, white-walled room. It helps to have something pleasant to stare at in order to generate thoughts. Your workshop should be mildly interesting but not so interesting that it distracts you.

4. Be well rested and take breaks. Being tired causes you to be more distracted because it takes a lot of effort to concentrate. It’s important not to exhaust your mental energy during an important project. Prioritize your to-do list, decide what you need to accomplish and promise yourself a break as a reward.

These tips should work for anyone, but I can see that for someone like me (whether I have been diagnosed with ADD or AD/HD or not) the tips can be helpful if implemented. BTW, here is wikipedia on AD/HD.


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