Free Photocopies for Students — Japan

One of the entrepreneurial strategies that Schumpeter laid out was bringing a product/service to a new market. Check out Tada Copy (via Springwise), a Japanese company founded by students at Keio, Chuo, and Hosei Universities. It provides free copies for students.

They can do this by printing adverts on the backside of the paper (check out those full color ads!). Students save money and advertisers can target their ads directly at the student/university market. Sounds like a great idea that can easily be copied (sorry for the lame pun) at just about any campus.

Note* — the Tada Copy site is in Japanese so its hard to learn much about them for those who don’t read Japanese.

Here are a few blogs that have written on Tada (which means free) Copy: Shoko’s Blog & NicheGeek.

Does this sound like something that would go over well on your campus? BTW, here are some models for innovation/entrepreneurship that Schumpeter laid out in his paper The Creative Response in Economic History:

  • enterprise that introduces ‘new’ commodities
  • enterprise that introduces technological novelties into the production of ‘old’ commodities
  • enterprise that introduces new commercial combinations such as the opening of new markets for products or new sources of supply materials
  • enterprise that consist in reorganizing an industry

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