UK Campus Entrepreneur Selling Anti-Gravity Cars for XMAS

This is a great story about an aggressive, risk taking entrepreneur named Vernon Kerswell out of the Manchester Business School. Notice his business is seasonal. From Crain’s Manchester Business:

The 20-year-old took a crash course in Chinese and then used a £1,500 overdraft to fly to the Far East to find gadgets to market in the UK. His venture won him the University of Manchester’s Venture Out business ideas competition.

This year he is selling an anti-gravity remote-controlled car which can be driven up walls or upside down across the ceiling.

Other products include an Apache military helicopter, a remote controlled insect called the Terror Wasp and a twin rotor Chinook helicopter.

MBS allowed Kerswell use his industrial placement year to work for Extreme Fliers. Last summer He spent two months in the industrial areas of China, building relationships and developing a prototype of the anti-gravity car.

To help retailers boost sales on the shop floor, Vernon’s team has also developed a customisable display unit with LCD screen which is provided free, delivering promotional multimedia video content that can be streamed to all shops from anywhere in the world using the internet.

Vernon said: ““We’re not just an import business – in China we have established an in-house team of manufacturers, product developers, electrical engineers, graphical designers and aerodynamic engineers employed by the company.

Are you willing to fly to China and sleep on factory floors to spot opportunities? Would your school let you do it? (Manchester Business School supported Vernon)


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