The Coming Civil War: Corporations v Entrepreneurs

I just read in the USA Today that a group of CEOs is asking for a $500 billion dollar stimulus package. Good for them, bad for entrepreneurs. With all of the money going from Washington to corporate giants, it is becoming obvious that entrepreneurs and those in high growth industries have been forced into a civil war against old line corporations. 

The government is clearly choosing its side (after years of patronage this was obvious) and will favor their hand picked corporate friends over new, more radical companies offering creative destruction. (Is the government going to give $$ to Tesla Motors?)

Entrepreneurs have had a great run over the last 25 or so years, but that era may be coming to an end. The obvious irony is that only entrepreneurs can pull us back onto a sustainable path of innovation and growth. 

As an entrepreneur I am trying to ignore this reality and stay focused on building my firm, but I know the landscape has shifted and I can’t help but be appalled by what I am seeing and reading.  

As my partner and I use our savings and investments to self-fund our business, bloated corporations, homeowners, governors, and unions demand trillions from the government. Trillions that entrepreneurs will pay in the end. The first shots of the economic civil war have been fired and entrepreneurs are already on the defensive.


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