Campus Entrepreneurship: Hawaii Style

Tim Kane over at Growthology has a pretty nice post on his visit to Hawaii and various startups and campus institutions supporting entrepreneurship in Hawaii. The thought of being part of a startup in Hawaii is pretty enticing (would trade ice skates in for a surfboard), but Kane investigates some of the challenges facing entrepreneurs in Hawaii. Guess  From the post:

The most heartening visit was with three entrepreneurs at Yuka Nagashima’s incubator at the University of Hawaii (the High technology Development Corporation). The first presenter, Dr. Adelheid Kuehnle is a tenured biotech scientist who is launching an altenrative energy company that you can only dream about – using algae to grow jet fuel.

An incubator is a tough institution to model properly, but Yuka is a former entrep and is building a role model. I learned a lot about the unique challenges facing Hawaii. Consider how the Internet opened up possibilities for the knowledge economy to blossom here by linking the islands to researchers on the mainland. Consider the attractiveness for a tech community in the physical environment. Yet Honolulu faces the same funding challenge as the flyover Midwest — VCs eventually pull local protfolio companies back into their orbits in San Jose or Austin. The “Broadway Joe” problem.  So Hawaii is struggling to build a gravity well of tech talent.


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