Springwise on Transparency in Higher Ed

The latest Springwise Newsletter offered a few sites that attempt to bring transparency to the college market. From Ratemyprofessor.com to Unigo.com (our review) and College Prowler, the editors of Springwise offer some examples of startups viewing the campus as a market. From the article,

Transparency tyranny has already been striking terror into the hearts of companies far and wide, as both customers and employees have begun sharing their experiences and impressions of them for all the world to see. No real surprise, then, that universities are next in line.

RateMyProfessors.com has already made faculty popularity public, and now a few new sites offer a way for students to share an insider’s perspective on campus life in general…

Finally, Pittsburgh-based College Prowler offers both print books and an online guide to more than 250 American schools. Each guide is written by a current student at the college, with the addition of quotes and comments from others in the student population. College Prowler launched online last year; a subscription for full access costs USD 39.95 per year.

Clearly these sites are focused on traditional notions of what an undergraduate experience is comprised of. With lifetime education, online education, increased populations in part-time studies, certificate programs, and multiple detours through grad school all becoming more common, we look forward to higher education guides for the changing nature of higher education.


One thought on “Springwise on Transparency in Higher Ed

  1. Some enterprising individual has filed FOIA requests to get salary data for GMU faculty. Here is the link. You might be interested. It is surprising that such basic information is not more accessible.

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