Barron’s on Next-Gen Givers

For those interested in civil society, non-profits, and social entrepreneurship it is a clear that there is a new kind of philanthropist on the scene these days. Barron’s offered a piece last weekend titled Next-Gen Givers, by Suzanne McGee. From the article,

Already, these givers look to be more generous than their forebears. A survey conducted by Northern Trust, the private-banking concern, revealed that Generation-X millionaires (aged 28 to 42) gave an average of $20,000 to worthy causes in 2006, double the size of giving by their parents and grandparents. Take that, boomers.

“They aren’t jaded, and they don’t accept the status quo readily,” says Melissa Berman, chief executive officer of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, which counsels big givers. “They have new perspectives and new ideas.”

I see a lot of this ethos among my classmates in Phil Auerswald’s class on Social Entrepreneurship. While I’m not sure how many in the class are millionaires, they are connected by a generational desire to have an impact directly. Not to wait and not to do things as they have always been done in trying to solve global problems.


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