YoUniversity Ventures is Funding Campus Entrepreneurs

We’ve seen incubators, accelerators and dorms used to try to support innovator entrepreneurs in and around the campus. Check out YoUniversity Ventures (h/t and their plans of supporting campus entrepreneurs with mentorship, expertise, and access to capital. From Alex Lindahl’s post:

Take Jawed Karim, he left the University of Illinois to help start PayPal, and then YouTube with two of his colleagues, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen four years later. After selling PayPal (a business that helped inspire WePay ) for $1.5 billion, he then received $64 million dollars worth of stock when Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion. All while doing this, he managed to continue his studies to receive his undergraduate bachelor’s degree in computer science and Ph.D. from Stanford University.


Youniversity Ventures, which started last year, will invest between $50k and $300k of their personal capital to help college entrepreneurs. Jawed explained in a recent interview that they “feel that the [college student] segment is underaddressed. There is not a lot of attention given there, even though there is a lot of innovation coming out of that space. People may be working on something that is very useful but they may not know how to take and translate that into an actual business.”

Here is an interview in the wired campus section of the Chronicle of Higher Education.


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