Watching Announcement of Sec Ed Arne Duncan…

I just watched the press conference where Obama introduced his Secretary of Ed nomination, Arne Duncan. A colleague/friend of his from Chicago. Obama and Biden gave basic comments; nothing earth shattering.

Arne Duncan, in his comments, made no mention of higher education. I am going to check the transcripts, but it seemed like all he did was talk about himself and his great works in Chicago. (Not a good way to start in my opinion). His focus is clearly on primary education. He might be an innovator (a reporter’s question to PE Obama referenced Duncan’s plans to pay kids for grades), but he might not get the breadth of his job quite yet.

We’ll see what this means, if anything, but Arne Duncan’s first 5 minutes did not not do much for me.

One thought on “Watching Announcement of Sec Ed Arne Duncan…

  1. You know, I have real concerns about any President whose administration consists mainly of his buddies and heavy-hitters to whom he owes favors. Who is this Duncan fellow? What’s his stance on NCLB and standardized testing? And, you’re right, has he ever had a thought about education beyond middle school?

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