Facebook Breast Controversy Highlights Mommies

Nothing like a good breast controversy on Facebook to shake one out of their holiday stupor.

In early Feb 2008 this blog highlighted Facebook’s evolution over its first four years (how mommies were taking over). The latest breastfeeding photo controversy on Facebook is further proof on the changing nature of the Facebook marketplace.

From its inception as a social space full of tech crazed college kids, removal of breast bearing photos likely would have been related to a college aged girl a la Girls Gone Wild.

Today Facebook is dominated by tech crazed adults — those 25 and above — and their breast related controversy surround breast feeding infants. The good news for Fbook is that these folks have more $$ than college kids.

Facebook is only the latest high profile example of a product or service created and tested in and around the campus. Clear, often constained markets for testing new ideas. Eager, experiment oriented customers. Continual entry of new consumers.

The unique nature of it marketplace is a primary reason that the campus presents great opportunities for entrepreneurs.


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