Musical Campus Entrepreneurs

As we know, smart academic leaders are embedding entrepreneurship across campus. Inside Higher Ed’s David Moltz has a nice piece on music schools across the country and how they are integrating entrepreneurship into their curriculum.

Really worth reading. With media seeping throughout society and cheap production/distribution available, its clear being a professional musician demands entrepreneurial skills.

From the article,

Later this month, the Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester will host a three-day workshop, in which a number of music schools will participate, entitled “Preparing the Generation-E Musician.” The workshop will explore the place of entrepreneurship in higher education music school curriculums. This discussion comes at a time when many music schools are hoping to ease their graduates’ transition into a world where it is increasingly hard for fine arts majors to make a living.

In recent years, a number of music schools have developed additional academic programs to give students more practical skills to market their talents. The University of Colorado at Boulder, for example, started its Entrepreneurship Center for Music in 1998, while the University of South Carolina opened the Carolina Institute for Leadership & Engagement in Music in 2007 and has just recently started a search for its founding director. Elsewhere, schools that have emphasized entrepreneurship in the past are redoubling their efforts. Eastman is planning to open a Center for Music Innovation, complete with a business school-like project incubator.

I didn’t see a mention of iTunes, myspace, videos games, or sampling of tracks, but its good to see this trend in music education.


One thought on “Musical Campus Entrepreneurs

  1. Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention. Great article.

    I feel better now having taken the “music business” class route in addition to performance. The basic overview of business practices was a great thing–even if I just did it to make my parents happy!


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