Social Entrepreneurship Grows @ UMD and Case-Western

U of Maryland is taking part in Ashoka’s Changemaker Campus program (GMU is one of the pilot schools also) and here is a nice update by Ann Kowalcsyk on what the students/faculty/administrators are doing there. They are clearly changing the landscape at the Smith School of Business.

Over at Case-Western Reserve University, the School of Management has received a $7.5 million gift to support sustainable business and social entrepreneurship. Article from Crain’s Cleveland Business.

Are these schools taking an early lead in social entrepreneurship? Is there something here or are they just cashing in on a ‘hot field’?


One thought on “Social Entrepreneurship Grows @ UMD and Case-Western

  1. I think social entrepreneurship is a real movement that can deliver real value to multiple stakeholders. There is always a risk it may turn into a fad, yet, a grass roots approach to using capital to enrich people in ways besides pure monetary wealth is a good thing.

    As a side, in my research I have noticed that a good amount of successful entrepreneurs have backgrounds in public service. That might provide an unappreciated link between traditional entrepreneurship and its social cousin.

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