Obama’s Social Entre Policies Becoming Clearer?

picture-83The Chronicle of Philanthropy (h/t EchoingGreen.com) points out that the White House Website page that lists the offices/units that make up the Executive Office of the President now includes an Office of Social Innovation! While there doesn’t appear to have been any public release on this or questions in press briefings, this is very informative. (I have posted the image of the White House web page so you can see where it fits into the White House/Washington — more on this below).

As we have discussed in the past, the question of what to call the office does matter as does where to locate this ‘social entrepreneurship agency’. I agree with Nathaniel Whitemore that ‘Office of Social Innovation’ is a good name.

That being said, I am sure the name is going to ruffle some feathers and in some ways Office of Social Entrepreneurship would have been more understandable and acceptable to certain groups on the American political scene.

I look forward to seeing what comes out of this office. Its clear that the top writers and thinkers in and around the Stanford Social Innovation Review are already making the presence felt. The post from EchoingGreen states that one of the Obama transition team members is Cheryl Dorsey and it quotes her writings in the Stanford Social Innovation Review on how important the location of the office would matter. She is right. (I argued against the original plan of putting the office in the weak and random Corporation for National and Community Service.)

We are excited to see what Dorsey and the rest of the team do with this new office. Most importantly, how the Obama team implements social entrepreneurship from the federal level and how they will communicate this new ‘activity’ and ‘policy arena’ to the American public.

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