Inc. Magazine’s Coolest College Entrepreneurs

Campus entrepreneurs are covered by campus journalists in the newest Inc. Magazine in a ‘Coolest College Entrepreneurs’ feature. Nine student run ventures are profiled. Each article is written by a campus journalist a their school. There is also an opportunity to vote for one of the companies; though it doesn’t say what the winnner gets. I assume they will the title of “Coolest College Entrepreneur”?

BTW, it must be noted that 8 of the 9 ventures were launched at major research institutions — the sole exception being the venture from the University of Houston. This is not to say that these are all technology and science startups, in fact many are very low-tech businesses. But major research schools and many schools in commercial metros (like Houston) offer asset rich environments — smart students, great faculty, access to alumni, extensive entrepreneurship courses and structures, etc. — for campus entrepreneurs to take advantage of.

We will feature all 9 of the ventures and the entrepreneurs behind them over the next week. First up is going to be the company from my alma mata: the University of Michigan.


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