Fantasy Football Skills Pay College Bills

Thats the headline for the press release we are distributing this week to announce the winners of our inaugural fantasy football season at — my startup.

For our company it is a big milestone; the completion of a full product life-cycle with a large beta sampling. We have learned a lot and are ramping up for next season. Basically revisiting every part of the business: from our legal structure to the league sizes. Sign-up to learn more about our new features and get notified about next free fantasy football season and prizes.

This season we awarded more than $40,000 for 529 college savings plans. Read about this year’s winners.

Here is a snippet from the press release:

The First Prize winner, 9-year-old Jacob, lives in Virginia, but is a die-hard San Diego Chargers fan. His mom gave his older brother the project of finding a fantasy football game that the entire family could enjoy together.   After a Google search, he came back with Family Fantasy Sports. This led to the birth of their ‘first annual family league’ in which everyone from grandparents to the youngest cousins got involved.

According to Jacob, “My biggest rivals were my aunt and my cousin.”  Jacob was the final seed to make the playoffs, but his team, Super-Bolts, got hot during the playoffs, winning his league’s championship over his aunt’s team and scoring well enough to capture the $10,000 college savings prize.


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