Private, for-profits Continue to Thrive in Higher Ed

Great article full of data from the annual Dept of Ed report on size and composition of higher education industry in the U.S. There are opportunities everywhere and clearly campus entrepreneurs are taking part. From the piece by Doug Lederman

According to the report, colleges and universities that qualify to award federal financial aid enrolled nearly 18.7 million students in fall 2007, up about 2.6 percent from 2006 and about 5.42 percent since 2004’s total of 17.7 million.

Enrollment at publicly supported institutions grew by 2.4 percent from 2006 to 2007, enrollment at private nonprofit colleges increased by 1.5 percent, and enrollment at private for-profit colleges rose by 7.22 percent. For-profit institutions have maintained that pace over a three year period, and since 2004, their share of all enrollments grew to 7.9 percent of the total college population, up from 6.7 percent.

The entire article underscores the size and scope of the higher education marketplace in the US. With Obama’s call for all Americans to spend at least a yr in college still ‘out there’ and the trends in the report, the campus continues to present opportunities for entrepreneurs of all types.


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