Babson Pres & NH Guv View Obama as Entrepreneur-in-Chief

Read the article and decide for yourself. The piece, by Babson College President Leonard Shlesinger and former New Hampshire Governor Craig Benson, highlights campus entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs, but I am not quite sold. Here is a snippet:

The stimulus bill just signed into law is an example of his entrepreneurial approach. Those on both the left and right criticized the bill as being inadequate or wrong for the economic crisis the nation is facing. Depending on your view, there were either too few or too many tax cuts, and too much or too little spending.
The president’s response was candid and straightforward. To paraphrase, he said that we don’t know how much money it will take to turn around the economy and which parts of the bill will work best, but we do know that we have to get started.
That is the response of an entrepreneur: Make a decision, get ready to make the next decision and continue to make decisions with what information is available. In the face of extreme uncertainty when no one, including our best economists, knows what the perfect solution is, the right approach is to take action, create new opportunities and move to the next decision.
What’s important is to keep moving in the right direction. Entrepreneurs do not wait for the ideal solutions to emerge because they know that sometimes, as they act, solutions will emerge from the unlikeliest of places.

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