NY Times Questions Business Education

Don’t think I really agree with this Kelly Holland article from the NY Times asking whether it is time to retrain business schools? (h/t Jim Wolfe). This reexamination comes in the wake of the slowdown/AIG, etc.

No mention of the rise of entrepreneurship, social enterprise, triple bottom lines, or any of the other trends trends running counter to their article’s negativity about bschool. Also, no mention of the fact that booms, busts, swindles, and scams occurred before ‘business education’. Worth reading though.


One thought on “NY Times Questions Business Education

  1. Entrepreneurship education takes a lot of flack, but writing an analyzing business plans gives an excellent overview of what real e-ship is like.

    At Bryant University every business 101 student has to write a full fledged business plan at 18 years old.

    E-ship majors get nice broad overviews of what they are preparing themselves for!

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