Ashoka Changemaker Campuses Commencement

This April 24th, the Ashoka Changemaker Campus Program will complete its pilot year. Participating schools were GMU, University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins, and Cornell. I will be attending the event as a “Mason Changemaker Campus Fellow” for my work with Family Fantasy Sports and college savings awards and education.

The event will take place in the Hopkins’ SAIS building and will feature Ashoka founder Bill Drayton and other social entrepreneurship luminaries. I am looking forward to the event.

BTW, the Mason Changemaker Team has made huge strides this past year. Currently, the Mason Nation is considering making social entrepreneurship part of the schools 5 year accreditation plan — the Quality Enhancement Plan. For those who know higher ed policy making administration, and accreditation, this is a big deal.

You can read the full plan here, the title is: “Social Innovators and Social Entrepreneurs: 21st Century Leaders of Change”. Here is a synopsis,

“Social Innovators and Social Entrepreneurs: 21st Century Leaders of Change” emphasizes the people, ideas, organizations, and movements that lead to measurable and lasting social gains, and the innovative application of scholarly knowledge in the arts and sciences to the world’s pressing problems. We envision scholars, administrators, and faculty across the Mason community identifying entrepreneurial leaders in their fields and finding ways to engage students with the methodologies and practices of these innovators and communities through curriculum, service-learning, independent study, co-curricular activities, study abroad, internships, and research opportunities. This QEP further aims to include a larger segment of the university population in Mason’s entrepreneurial mission. We also hope to further Mason’s goal of “raising our profile as a nationally-ranked research university” through the creation of additional research opportunities for students that will increase faculty-student interaction and students’ civic engagement.

Sounds pretty cool! I hope it passes. It is currently 1 of 3 finalists and the decision is still up for comment at the Mason QEP site. Good luck to all.


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