100 Attributes/Behavior of Entrepreneurs

Found this via Enternships.com. Apparently it is making the rounds on Twitter two years or so after its original publication. Here is the original post. As the author, GL Hoffman, writes, “Here are one hundred characteristics and attributes of people who start companies—some born of experience, education or birth. Most can be learned by study and practice.”

Here are a few:

22. Sales in number one, two and three on the priority list. You should plan on spending most of your time worrying and working on your sales efforts. Nothing else much matters. A sale happens when someone pays you for your service or product. Don’t get too excited if the marketing focus group says everyone will buy one. Get excited when someone pays for it.

75. No one cares as much about it as you do. Your new company will consume you, and even most of your employees. Realize that most other people will not have heard about, or even care that you have a brand new widget. Your big dilemma about increasing prices?…they won’t even recognize it or care. As one old curmudgeon told me once, “we are nothing but pimples on the ass of progress.” I got the message.

95. High energy. This may be a work ethic mentality or a caffeine-induced edginess. I cannot recall one entrepreneur who appears sluggish or lethargic or slug-like. What’s even more apparent is that they are NOT energy suckers, but energy creators.

Do your professors or others in entrepreneurship programs share lists like these. While they are at time flippant, there is much truth in this list. I will be sharing parts of this list with students I engage with around GMU and other places.


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