New Transportation Partnership Hits Campus

Car-sharing and carpooling have come together (h/t as Zipcar and Zimride join forces on campuses. From the latest Springwise Newsletter:

There are few things more exciting to us here at Springwise than seeing good ideas come together, and that’s exactly what we had occasion to spot earlier this month. Zipcar—the car-sharing innovator we’ve covered on numerous occasions already—just announced a partnership with Zimride—also no stranger to our pages—to bring an integrated ride-sharing system to college and university campuses.

Debuting a few weeks ago at Stanford University, the integrated service combines Zipcar’s car-sharing program with Zimride’s Facebook-based carpool matching system to make it easier for college students, faculty and staff to seek, offer and share rides. Zipcar already operates car-sharing programs at more than 120 US colleges and universities. To share a ride, members reserving a car can now automatically post the date, time and destination of their trip to the Zimride campus community online. Zimride’s route-matching algorithm takes over from there, finding and notifying users looking for such a ride. Zimride members, meanwhile, can now find a local Zipcar to share through a customized campus Zimride website or Facebook application, making it possible for them to carpool even if they don’t own a car.

Putting two good things together does not always create a ‘better’ thing, but the ability to create a ‘new basket of goods’ or a ‘better combination’ is a tried and true entrepreneurial strategy for both consumer and business markets.

BTW, this always highlights an a case where campus consumers are acting as pioneer consumers for pioneering firms.


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