Mason Continues Social Entrepreneurship March

George Mason University continues to move forward in the Social Entrepreneurship space. From a new article by Dave Andrews in the Mason Gazette:

Mason was recently awarded a Governor’s Volunteerism and Community Service Award by Gov. Tim Kaine as part of the university’s partnership with the Phoenix Project, a Virginia-initiated project to develop and implement effective social media tools to create high-quality student service learning.

The award highlights the “efforts of outstanding citizens of the Commonwealth who seek to enhance the lives of others in their communities. The awards are presented to groups, individuals and families whose efforts exemplify extraordinary volunteer service,” according to a press release from the governor’s office.

Philip Auerswald, an assistant professor of public policy who directed Mason’s involvement with the Phoenix Project, says this recognition positions Mason well to launch future social entrepreneurship initiatives.

“Our mission in partnering with the Phoenix Project was not simply to increase volunteerism among Mason students this year,” says Auerswald, “but rather to build a social networking infrastructure that would draw students to engage and collaborate on service activities at a level not previously attained.”

Mason was selected to partner with the Phoenix Project because of its expertise in technology and ability to evaluate the program to provide the tools necessary that enable university students to engage in community service.

Mason’s work with Phoenix, Ashoka, Innovations, and the pending Quality Enhancement Proposal highlights its aggressive moves to participate in the growing field of social entrepreneurship and take advantage of its location in the DC Metro.


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