US Chamber Defends Entrepreneurs/Free Enterprise

The US Chamber of Commerce, under the leadership of Tom Donohue, hascampaignforfree announced their Campaign for Free Enterprise (h/t SchumpetersCentury). Thank god someone is doing this. As regular readers of this blog know, we have grave concerns about how deeply the government has embedded itself into the marketplace. From the piece at the Politico by Jeanne Cummings:

The Chamber’s efforts, budgeted for as much as $100 million, come at a time when the government’s influence in the automobile, banking and credit card industries already is expanding dramatically. Taxpayers, for instance, are now majority owners of General Motors.

Business leaders fear the health care and energy sectors could be next as Congress weighs reform legislation for both. And the financial community is bracing for yet another congressional brawl when the Treasury Department releases its plan for revamping the regulatory framework that oversees the industry.

The administration’s aggressive action on so many fronts has put the business community on defense in a way not seen in more than a decade — and it’s losing more often than it’s winning.

Taken together, the government could soon determine who gets a mortgage

, which cars consumers can buy, the type of treatments patients will get and how many credit cards a person can carry.

“We have got to go out in a big-time way and remind all Americans that it was a free enterprise system based on the values of individual initiative, hard work, risk innovation and profit which built our great country,” he’s expected to tell Chamber board members Wednesday in a speech unveiling the program.


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