3 (or 4) Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Take Cold Showers

Over the past 2 weeks I have been taking nothing but cold showers and have come to believe that entrepreneurs should only take cold showers. Here are the 3 (or 4) reasons why entrepreneurs should take cold showers.

1. Taking cold showers saves time. There is no lolly gagging, singing, or day dreaming while in a cold shower. This saved time allows entrepreneurs to get more done. It also reminds us that time is precious and shouldn’t be wasted in the shower or other places. I would have to say my shower times have dropped from 12-15 minutes to 3-4 minutes. This at least an extra hour a week or 52 hours (2 days) a year.

2. Taking cold showers saves money. Using cold water means my hot water heater works less, lowering my utility bills. This saving on hot water is a reminder to entrepreneurs that we should always be thinking about spending less. There are two sides to the income statement — revenue and cost. As Ben Franklin noted, “a penny saved is a penny earned.”

3. Taking cold showers builds character/fortitude — the whole Goethe “whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” It reminds the entrepreneur that a strong character is needed if success is going to be achieved. Entrepreneurs will be in uncomfortable situations and be required to do new and awkward things often. While taking a cold shower is really not that difficult, almost no one chooses to do it (so there is clearly discomfort there).

4. Taking cold shower is humbling (for men) as the cold water has an obvious effect on certain male body parts. (See the famous Seinfeld segment for more information if needed.) The point is that entrepreneurs must be humble, constantly aware that we will make mistakes and that we should always be looking to learn from others; the cold shower is a great reminder of this (for male entrepreneurs especially).

So go take a cold shower and grow as an entrepreneur — while shrinking physically (& temporarily) if you are a male entrepreneur.


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