UC Berkeley Football Tickets — $225,000 Seat License

As a grad of U of M who buys one off tickets when I go visit, I find it to be insane when I read the UC Berkeley is asking 3,000 of its season ticket holders to purchase $225,000 personal seat license — (H/T Newmark’s Door). From the original USA Today Blog entry:

So no, Berkeley hasn’t exactly been a football factory the last half-century. But that hasn’t hurt the self-esteem at Cal, where the university is asking fans to pay $225,000 — yes, $225,000! — for personal seat licenses.

That’s the per-seat tab being sought from about 3,000 fans who have spots between the 30-yard lines at Memorial Stadium, which is slowly eroding because it sits on a major earthquake fault line.

Across the bay, Stanford ticket director Rich Muschell couldn’t help but take a shot at his school’s archrival. “They’re asking $225,000?” he told the Chronicle. “And they give us crap for being elitists.”


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