Vote for Entrepreneur Mags College Entre of Year

Voting is now open for Entrepreneur Magazine’s College Entrepreneur of the Year. There are 5 entrepreneurs in the running, you can read about each and watch a video on each. You get only one vote. Here is a snippet on one of the entrants: Jonathan Shriftman of USC. A 21 year old entrepreneur major.

In cosmopolitan cities, a popular trend originated by the “hipster” youth of riding fixed-gear, single speed bikes has emerged. These rare bicycles are usually built piece by piece, with parts traditionally imported. Once a bike is finished, it will total an average amount that most can’t afford.

Sole Bicyles will be the first mainstream provider of affordable, fully built, fixed-gear bikes, selling them through e-commerce, then shipping them directly to the consumer’s door. We solve the pain for people who want these awesome track bikes, yet simply can not afford to buy one, or don’t have the resources to custom-build one.

Sole Bicycles’ mission is to be an innovative provider of fixed-gear bicycles, serving as the tipping point to bring a hip, socially responsible trend mainstream by offering the most competitive, fair prices, ease of purchase, all for the utmost in supreme, quality products.


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