Growthology on Obama’s Social Innovation Fund

While I appreciate Dane Stangler of Growthology updating us on Obama and his social innovation fund, I am beginning to wonder what impact this will have. According to his post,

Last week President Obama hosted an event at the White House to highlight innovative programs in the nonprofit sector. The President acknowledged that in areas like education and health, the government can only do so much: “So if anyone out there is waiting for government to solve all their problems, they’re going to be disappointed.”

The White House now has a $50 million Social Innovation fund and will look for programs that are as impressive and effective as those highlighted by President Obama. This includes Geoffrey Canada’s Harlem Children’s Zone, HopeLab, Bonnie CLAC, and Genesys Works.
While I have long applauded Obama and his efforts to highlight social entrepreneurs, its been a lot of talk so far. And, I also wonder, what can $50 million really do when we are giving away trillions to old line companies and their consumers (ie cash for clunkers)? Am I misguided? To quote a cultural phenom from year’s past, “Where’s the beef?”
BTW, my firm, is awarding more than $40,000 for college savings to families participating in our fantasy football leagues. Moreover, we are partnering with charities such as Most Valuable Kids, St. Joseph Orphanage, and Dreams for Kids and allowing them to use our infrastructure as a fundraising tool for their important organizations.
While we would surely accept an invite to the White House for a press conference and funding to allow us to teach more families about college savings and help them get started with their 529 accounts, we are steadily growing our firm, regardless of how many press events the White House holds.

One thought on “Growthology on Obama’s Social Innovation Fund

  1. i hear you. but change takes a minute. i think value, as you are creating, if reliant on money is already being motivated by perhaps the wrong force.

    we as a community have to turn within us and promote the invisible values of family, relationships, schools, communities…etc, which is where the good stuff comes from.

    continue in your pursuit of seeking socially viable solutions within those who know your name.

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