Sparkseed Social Innovation Calls for Undergrads

Just received an update from Sparkseed, a social venture fund/accelerator that provides “offers a comprehensive program for collegiate social innovators.” Ten students will be chosen to participate 

Sparkseed Innovators receive:

  • Six months of comprehensive support, including:
    • Mentoring from entrepreneurs and executives
    • $20,000 in pro-bono services, such as legal counsel, accounting, design, etc.
    • $1,000 in seed money and up to $10,000 in follow-up funding
    • Skill-building webinars on topics such as writing a business plan, managing a team, pitching to investors, leveraging social media, and measuring impact
    • A four-day summit including networking, skill-building, and strategic planning.
    • A national network of young social entrepreneurs

What else you need to know…

  • Applicants must be college students, but not graduating seniors.
  • You can apply individually or with a partner.
  • This is not simply a grant; this is a social innovator development program. While we do provide seed funding to our social innovators, you should not apply for this reason. The training, tools, and connections that we offer are the real value-adds.

The Sparkseed Competition’s first round is open until Feb 7, 2010. You must submit a video pitch and also fill out a profile on the Sparkseed page.


3 thoughts on “Sparkseed Social Innovation Calls for Undergrads

  1. mikedelponte


    Thanks for this great article on the Sparkseed Social Innovation Competition and for your on-going promotion of student entrepreneurship. I always think about how there are students in dorm rooms around teh world dreaming up the next Grameen Bank, Terracyle, d:Light Design and other ventures that will change the world. All they need is more support. Thanks for being a champion for the cause!


  2. Eric

    I agree, a great chance to test the waters and really make an impact. Also an excellent way to take the classroom into the market and see how it holds up. Keep it comin.

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