More Americans, Especially Young, Dissatisfied with Job

What a difference time can make. Seems like last week we were hearing how people were just thankful to be employed. Now a new survey from The Conference Board says that only 45% of Americans are satisfied with their jobs. Even greater numbers of those under 25 are unhappy with their employment.

Enjoying what they do is common reason that people become entrepreneurs, small business owners, and self-employed. Here is an excerpt from the On Deadline column/blog at USA Today.

Only 45% of American are satisfied with their work, the lowest level ever recorded in 22 years of surveys, the Associated Press reports.

The figure is down from 49% in 2008, says the Conference Board research group, which conducts the survey.

Workers under 25 expressed the most dissatisfaction — about 64% of them saying they are unhappy in their jobs.

That is a pretty large number of young American workers starting their careers in a negative way. One of the key findings was that most workers don’t find their job interesting.

This is another key driver of entrepreneurship: people exploring and pushing their passion for changing  the way that industries, society, and markets function.  Entrepreneurs try to realize a vision of the future; a vision that they have created. That is hard to find in most jobs, let alone entry level ones.

While this is a negative trend for employers and employees, part of me feels this restlessness, and dissatisfaction will lead to the creation of some great new firms.

This will also drive more Americans back to the campus — both those who are unhappy with their employment and those who are charged with making their organizations more satisfying to talent.


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