4 Harvard Students Bring Energy/Soccer Social Venture

Found out about this super cool new social venture  from the most recent Springwise newsletter.

Soccket is a soccer ball for the developing world that also acts as an energy harvester. Each time a ball is impacted (by a kick, head, or bounce) energy is available. The Soccket collect the energy and it can be used by a variety of devices.

This venture was created a four person team during a Harvard engineering class where they were tasked

Harvard born Soccket is on to something fun and potential game changing.

with finding a problem and solving it. The hope is that the energy from the soccer balls will be used to power lights and the use of highly dangerous and pollutive kerosene will be diminished.

The team has done a few pilot study and appear to have further plans for expansion and beefing up their revenues. They are off to a great start and have been wise in approaching a market (soccer players in the developing world) that offers abundant upside.

I will post more when I learn more, but just received this one and thought I’d share. This looks to be an interesting new social venture.


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