Churning Out Companies from Inside Higher Ed

Interesting piece by Doug Lederman in today’s Inside Higher Education pointing to new research on the number of new ventures, start-ups, patents and licensing fees that are coming out of major research Universities in the U.S.

From the piece by Inside Higher Ed:

Colleges and universities created 542 companies, issued 2,821 patents, and generated $2.379 billion in licensing income in the 2008 fiscal year, according to an annual survey by the Association of University Technology Managers.

Although the association discourages direct comparisons in its survey, “U.S. Licensing Activity Survey: FY 2008,” because the roster of participating colleges changes a bit from year to year, the technology managers’ group points out that most of the indicators show “a steady increase in the amount of technology transfer activity,” Arundeep S. Pradhan, AUTM’s president and associate vice president for technology transfer and business development at Oregon Health & Science University, said in a news release about the findings.

The post features a great chart that compares many schools/systems, highlighting their federal research funds, start-ups, patents, and licensing fees. There is a huge discrepancy in performance in the simple below.

News: Churning Out Companies – Inside Higher Ed.


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