The Darkside of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Peter Klein at Organizations and Markets points out a fun slide show of Obsolete Occupations from NPR. Entrepreneurship and innovation led to the end of most of theses occupations.

It is a great slideshow and it is interesting in that some of the occupations have made transformations and come back onto the labor market. For example, the slideshow mentions the typing pool of yesteryear, well today for example, scribes follow my ER wife around taking notes for her as she sees patients. The slide show also points out the milkman. I have noticed that in some of the more affluent metros in the U.S., delivery of organic milk and other farm products is entering the grocery marketplace. These are just my observations and I have no data to support them.

Enjoy the show.

Jobs Of Yesteryear: Obsolete Occupations « Organizations and Markets.


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