2010 Entrepreneur’s Census – From Yale MBA

Katie from Blooming Footprint pointed out a great project that Matt Shapiro Yale MBA student (and part time Associate with LaunchCapital) Matt Shapiro is working on: an entrepreneur census.

While his project is much more limited in scope than the US 2010 Census (he will not be running $10s of millions worth of advertisements on tv), the idea is great and it can provide another tool (or framework) for entrepreneurs, financiers, policy makers, and researchers to analyze entrepreneurial ecosystems.

From Shapiro’s website, the mission of the Entrepreneur’s Census is: “We aim to measure the funding environment, talent base, mentorship, and media coverage available to new ventures in Boston, New York and Silicon Valley.”

I look forward to seeing the data and analysis that Shapiro and his colleagues offer when they complete this project.

2010 Entrepreneur’s Census.


2 thoughts on “2010 Entrepreneur’s Census – From Yale MBA

  1. Katie Fox

    Thanks for the shout out David! I thought it was a great idea as well and should shed some light on this growing space.

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