Start-Ups Win With Plans to Displace Disposables | Social Ventures

Nice entry in the You’re the Boss Blog that highlights some winning social ventures in a recent competition sponsored by the William James Foundation — a foundation that encourages socially responsible for profits.

Winning entry (NURU Energy) presented via Skype and offers chargeable lights to replace the use of kerosene. They have a fascinating multilevel model using micro-financing that significantly increases entrepreneurship, employment, and living standards.

From the blog,

The grand prize of $6,000 and additional in-kind business services went to NURU Energy, which is also known as NURU Lights. The company makes rechargeable lights and portable power generators that are designed to displace the lanterns and carbon-emitting kerosene fuel still used in off-grid villages in developing nations.

A NURU task light or set of lights linked together can be recharged by solar or alternating-current power sources when they are available. But NURU’s POWERCycle also provides man-made electricity to charge them. The POWERCycle is a 1-foot-high, 1-foot-wide generator that sits in a simple wooden frame and operates like a stationary, recumbent bicycle. It can also be hand-cranked.

Start-Ups Win With Plans to Displace Disposables – You’re the Boss Blog –


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