Cogswell College Creates BA for Entrepreneurs in Digital Media

Cogswell Polytechnical College offers a great option for student entrepreneurs interesting in digital media. The small technical school is in Sunnyvale, CA — in the heart of Silicon Valley.


Cogswell’s new undergraduate Bachelor of Arts program in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, with an optional specialty in digital media, meets the needs of those who want to lead in the business of video games, film, animation, sound or other areas of digital entertainment. Courses begin in the Fall 2010 term pending final WASC ( approvals.

“The Digital media industries are among the fastest growing in the world and are a veritable hotbed of entrepreneurship. Almost all of the companies, both large and small, in these industries were created by entrepreneurs a relatively short time ago,” said Dr. Chester Haskell, Cogswell President. “Our graduates have made major contributions and continue to find or create outstanding opportunities in these exciting fields. Cogswell is ideally positioned to help educate new generations of entrepreneurs who will be the ones to take the digital media industries into the future.”

via Cogswell College Creates BA Degree for Entrepreneurs in Digital Media – soulhangout’s posterous.


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