Colleges to Use New E-Reader Devices | The Chronicle of Higher Education

Nice piece from the Chronicle of Higher Education on new e-readers that are being used on campus. We are well beyond the Amazon Kindle and the multi-purpose Apple iPad,

We have long wondered when the e-reader will fully arrive on campus and whether the economics of ‘textbooks’ will be changed with the arrival of e-books and e-readers. From Kelly Truong:

One of the new e-readers is called Kno, which was announced in June and will be given to about 100 students at three colleges. The Kno sports two 14-inch screens, allowing users to read on one screen while writing notes on the other. With a pen stylus, students are able to highlight text and make annotations as they read. Both screens are LCD rather than the e-ink technology used in the Kindle, which means they can display in color, but they could be harder on the eyes for long reading sessions. The company plans to make the product available on the market just before Christmas.

Kno’s founder, Osman Rashid, argues that students who have tested the device so far found it more portable than a laptop computer. “They think the laptop becomes the new desktop, because this gives them everything they need during the day,” Mr. Rashid said.

Some Colleges to Test Dual-Screen E-Reader Devices – Wired Campus – The Chronicle of Higher Education.


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