Schools Add New Entrepreneur Programs for M.B.A. Students

Some interesting new entrepreneurship programs at various business schools including the Carey School of Business at Johns Hopkins and international entrepreneurial experiences at Pace University. From the piece by Katy Hopkins in the US News and World Report:

In the “Discovery to Market” project at the Johns Hopkins University Carey School of Business, small groups of students in the new Global M.B.A. track will look for profitable opportunities in university scientists’ work. The two-semester program, launching in Spring 2011, will be an intense systematic approach to spotting opportunities in potentially patentable discovery, says Philip Phan, Carey’s vice dean for faculty.

“In terms of creating a sophisticated class of students that are good at using the basic tools of market research and evaluation, putting them to work on a project like that is probably the most difficult thing you can do,” Phan said. “It pushes the students to apply these tools that oftentimes are taken for granted in a classroom and to apply them to a real setting where they may not apply very well.”

If students find a discovery will be very likely profitable, employees at the Johns Hopkins Office of Technology Transfer will apply for a patent. Ultimately, for a successful discovery, “the students will have the option of being part of that team to start a company and take this thing to the next stage of development,” Phan says.

Sounds pretty interesting, not sure how Abraham Flexner would feel about it, but it sounds like a great experience and opportunity for student entrepreneurs at JHU.

Babson’s Olin School of Management, the top school in higher education, now has a venture accelerator on campus.

Now, M.B.A. graduates will be able to consult faculty members and use school resources to “explore, pursue, launch and grow” their startups through the Venture Accelerator, set to open in September.

“We need individuals who are opportunity seekers, and more importantly, opportunity creators,” says Olin Dean Raghu Tadepalli. “Rather than say, ‘Where are the opportunities?’ say, ‘There are opportunities, and we are going to seize them.’… The focus is on forward momentum.”

What is your school doing to turn students into entrepreneurs? To teach them to create opportunities, societal improvements, and wealth?  What can school leaders and faculty do to encourage student’s to become entrepreneurs?

Schools Add New Entrepreneur Programs for M.B.A. Students – US News and World Report.


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