ASU Entrepreneur Builds Powerwash Start Up

We love to highlight firms launched on campus that do not demand incredible technical knowledge. With an open and inquisitive mind, Zach Hamilton, and ASU sophomore discovered an opportunity on campus that has broad applications beyond the campus. Fortunately, he was at ASU, with a strong infrastructure to nurture and support aspiring entrepreneurs. From

He initially came up with his idea while in flight school at ASU Polytechnic. Because of various water-waste and -conservation laws, the planes were never washed and continued to collect dirt and grime.

Hamilton’s pressure washer offers a solution.

Devil Wash uses water heated to more than 200 degrees as well as biodegradable cleaners. Hamilton was able to create a system that captures the water used for cleaning and filters it, making it reusable and resulting in zero wastewater discharge. It is compliant with Environmental Protection Agency standards, he said.

He now takes his system across the Valley, mostly cleaning busy sidewalks and driveways, but with the ability to take on pool decks and stucco, as well as to degrease heavy machinery.

“I realized the potential for this service to take off in the Valley because of the low water supply and high concrete density,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton’s project began to coalesce in winter 2008, after winning the Entrepreneur Advantage Project. With the award, he was able to begin his research and put together his first small-equipment rig, which allowed him to start small demo jobs.

“Those jobs really taught me so much about company layout, pricing and marketing,” he said.

In spring 2009, Hamilton applied for the Edson award and was granted an additional $18,000 to begin expanding his business. With the additional money, he was able to create the filtration system as well as cover insurance and licensing costs. That money is not yet exhausted, and he is looking to spend the rest marketing to potential clients. He already has a Web site,

via ASU’s young innovators get support.


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