New TV Show For Entrepreneurs on Bloomberg

Oceanside Ale Works, a microbrewery in Oceanside, CA is the first subject of Bloomberg TV’s new series, The Mentor. The format of the show:  a business faces challenges and an expert is brought in to help and advise them. In this case, Mark and Scott, the founders of OAW are growing 20% a month, are at full capacity and about to open a new brewing facility, and are interested in getting into bottling.

Only one of them works full-time in the business, the other is still a full-time firefighter. The duo is then introduced to a mentor, in this case Jim Koch, from Boston Brewing Company (Sam Adams).

He drops a few good one liners, “As you get bigger, improve your quality.”

The show then places some of Koch’s statements on ‘advice from the mentor’ ‘post-it’ type graphics. For example, “Don’t risk what you have to get what you don’t need.” Another was, “Put people in jobs that they will be happy doing,” and finally, “hire slowly, fire quickly.”

Interesting segments on managing their employees, their equity partners (wives), and communicating the changes taking place in light of their meeting with Jim Koch, the Mentor.

The show was interesting and worth watching. The premiere episode highlighted that growth does not occur overnight and that passion can lead one to a market opportunity and technology is almost never a barrier to entry. Check out The Mentor on Bloomberg TV.

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