WSU Hacker Calls for Revolution

In typical college fashion, a campus revolutionary makes use of movie/popular imagery and story lines to try to stir up the campus population. At Washington State University last Friday, a hacker inserted a short video with a ‘revolutionary’ character based on the movie V for Vendetta (2006).

The costumed internet rogue attempts to perform as the main character from V while highlighting various shortcomings of WSU, its students, and faculty. The short diatribe covers the apathy of student (squirrels on campus), the privilege of education, and even mentions the 1862 Morrill Act which established WSU as a land grant university.

Pretty interesting for anyone who gives a damn about what higher education is about and where it is headed in the U.S. (This video and the tragic video incident at Rutgers highlights the revolutionary changes pressuring higher education)

The video intruder finally asked all to join him in 1 year on November 5, 2011 on the WSU campus  and then mocks IT department for their poor, uncreative purchasing history! Wow. Whether this is a harmless prank or something more serious is unclear, but it underscores the rebellious attitude that permeates the best campus and makes them appealing to entrepreneurs. BTW, the hackers site is

Hacker Makes the 5th of November One to Remember – Wired Campus – The Chronicle of Higher Education.


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