A Call to Students as Global Entrepreneurship Week Starts | This is going to be BIG!

YCombinator points to the blog, This is Going to Be Big and its entry, Anything is Possible (In a Startup). Here is a snippet that is fitting as Global Entrepreneurship Week begins:

If you’re willing to wake up, unplug, and explore the idea that you don’t have to work for PWC or go to law school if you’re not ridiculously psyched about it, start now. Show up for a startup event. Join communities of innovators. Start blogging about what you *are* excited about. Don’t try to reverse engineer your resume to try and figure out who would hire you. Follow awesome startup people on Twitter. Put down the job listings and show up at the companies doing things you care about and find out what you can do for them that they can’t live without. No kung fu skills? Learn them! You’re in school right? Most of you have at least six to eight months before you graduate. Pick up a ruby book and learn some code. Take a sales training course. Learn how to drive traffic to your blog using Google keywords.

You don’t need an idea. You don’t have to be a founder. You don’t need to learn to code (but it does nearly guarantee employment). You just have to be willing to reach out, build relationships, and make yourself useful. Start participating and creating value. Go make a list of 25 innovative companies you’d like to work at and have at it—reach out on LinkedIn to founders, their investors, people who work at the companies. Innovation is a ground war—house to house—and so should your career development.

Go to a Global Entrepreneurship Week event this week!

via – This is going to be BIG!.


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