Brits Call for More Entrepreneurship Education

Interesting piece from the Tom Bewick, Chief Executive of Enterprise UK on the need for more intensive entrepreneurship education at all levels.

The key to a more entrepreneurial decade is in part about the UK becoming the best place to set up and run a business; light-touch regulation, improved access to capital and tax incentives all have a major part to play.

However, the fiscal environment or better planning laws will not be sufficient to take the British economy to the next level. The role of enterprise education – in schools, colleges and university – must be at the centre of any meaningful growth strategy. Evidence shows that enterprise education doubles the likelihood of someone starting a business.

And later,

There are also some impressive principals, such as Fintan Donohue of North Hertfordshire College, who has stretched his college to the limit in terms of being more entrepreneurial: students are being supported to set up in business; college facilities are being handed over at the weekend to make money; and a joint venture is under way between the college students and a car valet company.

These are just some of the tentative steps being taken to help restore our optimism. The number one challenge for any educator in the next decade is this: how do I help my students make a job, rather than just take a job?

via If we want entrepreneurs, we have to train them | Education | The Guardian.


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