Play the Global Innovation Game during GEW

One of the really cool, global activities taking place during Global Entrepreneurship Week is the Global Innovation Game. A social game played via Facebook (play GIG here) in which participants generate innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. From a release about the launch:

Global Mind Games, a producer of social games that provoke debate and inspire real-world change, officially launches Global Innovation Game during Global Entrepreneurship Week, celebrated by 10 million people in 100 countries. GiG is the official game of GEW 2010.

and later,

“The ability to reach millions of people through free online games has opened up a new world of communications and engagement,” said Fred Skoler, co-founder and president of Global Mind Games. “But with this ability comes a responsibility for developers to produce not only games that entertain, but also empower, teach and challenge. GiG is our contribution to help entrepreneurs develop strategy, collaborate with others and engage in healthy competition to capture market support in a global exchange of ideas.”

GiG is an interactive online game that engages aspiring and serial entrepreneurs to solve real-world problems by presenting innovative ideas. Unlike many GEW events, the game is not limited by time or geography – innovators from around the world can play GiG from wherever they are, whenever they choose.

Congrats to GEW and Global Mind Games for a great effort. Get in there and play!


via Official Game of Global Entrepreneurship Week Launches on Facebook® Platform – Global Mind Games –


One thought on “Play the Global Innovation Game during GEW

  1. Thanks for sharing this! One other cool bit of news is that this week, players can win valuable prizes like the chance to get expert advice on creating their business plan or investor presentation. And up to $750 in business tools, like a computer, printer, software, etc. Winners will be determined based on who posts the highest-ranked solutions in the game by 9pm on Sunday, Nov. 21st, so hurry!

    Good luck everyone!
    – Karen @ Team GiG

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